· PHM Hospitality has launched Management Development Program as part of sustainable investments in Human Resources in conjunction with the growth of hospitality industry

· PHM Hospitality to manage 45 hotels in the year 2025

Jakarta, August, 9th 2017. PHM Hospitality proudly announced that the company has officially launched Management Development Program or MDP. The Management Development Program is an intense specific academy, designed to create future hotel leaders and to prepare them with a structured and systematic pattern workflow.

The primary objective of this program is to increase the level of managerial skills and the abilities of participants, allowing those within the organization to be more creative and innovative. Each stage of the program will give participants the opportunity to explore several management roles and enhance their management skills and techniques according to those respective roles. This program is designed to accelerate the potential individual and to provide a fast track towards developing future hotel leaders as a General Manager, Executive Assistant Manager, Hotel Manager and Resident Manager. And the graduate of the program will have a priority to fill an available post within the PHM Hospitality property.

According to Badan Statistik Pusat ( BPS), the total hotel room number in Indonesia in the year of 2016 has reached 233,007 rooms. The growth of total hotel room number and the growth of PHM Hospitality itself; which in the year of 2025 expecting to manage 45 hotels, make the company has to preparing the qualified and competent personnel. This Management Development Program is one of PHM Hospitality’s sustainable investments in Human Resources to answer the challenge in hospitality industry. PHM Hospitality has the aim to strengthen their brands: THE HAVEN, THE 1O1 Hotel & Resort, THE BnB Hotel, FRii Hotel and PHM Collection in cities in Indonesia and at attractive tourist destination from domestic and overseas both for their business trip and leisure.

17 participants from 12 hotel units under PHM Hospitality have selected to join this training program and have to complete the program within 18 months. The launching of MDP on Tuesday, August 8th 2017, was attending by Ms. Mira Boma – President Director PT Panorama Land, Mr. Satria Wei – Managing Director PHM Hospitality, Head of Departments from PHM Hospitality, Panorama group and all MDP participants.

According to Mr. Satria Wei, “This academy is designed as a developmental experience for those who join the program. It will challenge people’s views about management, expand and enhance the understanding of the relevance and role of managers in today’s organizations. The Management Development Program (MDP) prepares the candidates to become a better leader in the hotel unit or corporate office, especially in PHM Hospitality as the company is growing fast now”.

All the participants for MDP should be joining 18 months program and will be divided into 6 quarters. The training program is believed will increasing the synergy within all the groups under Panorama Group and to identify & assess the participant’s individual potential and determine how this potential can be utilized most effectively to create future hotel leaders.